About Wirana

Wirana has become known for Performance, Integrity and Quality

wirana shipping corporation - One of the Largest Vessel Cash Buyers

With Wirana you are sure of getting top dollar and smooth delivery of vessels with an assured commitment from Wirana to honor contracts irrespective of market changes. It is for these reasons Wirana is known in the market for its integrity, capability and very good service.
Wirana is the oldest and one of the largest Cash Buyer in the world with more than 35 years of experience. It has dealt in more than 88 million DWT made up of more than 2700 vessels. Over last one and half decades average annual dealing has been about 100 -150 vessels of various types and sizes.
Wirana has been mentioned twice in the Guinness Book of World Records for the purchase of the largest vessels sold for recycling, at those times. In 2002, we purchased ULCC Kapetan Michalis (516,423 DWT) and in 2003, we improved our own record by purchasing the ULCC Sea Giant (555,051 DWT).
At Wirana, we recognize that change is the only constant and those who do not adapt to the changing times do not survive. Green Ship Recycling is a biggest change we have seen over last 7 years and we are happy to state that we have emerged as a Responsible Cash Buyer helping Ship Owners and Ship Recycling yards in moving towards / achieving green ship recycling standards which is possible with its in house experts in the subject of green ship recycling.
Our own yard in Alang (R.L.Kalthia Shipbreaking Limited was one of the first yard in Indian sub-continent to receive Statement of Completion from Class NK for HKC compliant ship recycling). Wirana has always been active in sponsoring and participating in global forumsactive related to all subject of Ship Recycling including Green Ship Recycling. With its dedicated in house green recycling experts.

Why Wirana

Wirana is a one stop solution for sellers as we can buy any size of vessel (smallest 300 LDT and largest 74,000 LDT), any type, delivered or as is, own power or under tow, and can sell into all 4 major markets. We cater to shipping as well as Offshore segments.
Types of vessels done include :–
And others.


Wirana negotiates at an annual average between 100-150 vessels. Till date Wirana has done more than 2700 vessels with more than 88 MDWT. Wirana has the distinction of delivering in excess of 24 ships in one month, Successfully operates in all the four major ship-recycling markets and is a one-stop shop for recycling options in these markets, namely – India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Turkey.
  • Excess 370Tankers
  • 5 ULCCs
  • 50 VLCCs
  • Excess 150 Container vessels

Qualified team of professionals

Wirana has inhouse professional staff and teams, who are second to none, working 24/7 and our clients have the benefit of OPEN offices 365 days of the year with NO HOLIDAYS.

Pro-active Offices in all jurisdiction

Wirana has representative offices in all the three major markets namely - India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. If the buyers or sellers have any matters locally that need to be dealt with, the local offices get into action promptly and help resolve the issues in the fastest and best possible ways.

Professional Managers and Operators

With our financial, documentary, technical and operational strengths, we are able to quickly close on deals on simple basis and we are able to pay large deposits directly into Sellers accounts. We have excellent relationships with end buyers thereby reducing the time gap in the waiting of vessels at anchorage and we encourage speedy landing of vessels.

Strong in all financial dealings

Wirana has a team of qualified chartered accountants and financial team that cater to the needs of the buyers and sellers in all financial matters.

Qualified team to work on green vessels

Wirana has for a long period of time been working on recycling vessels at "Green" yards in India and complying with owners / IMO requirements for recycling ships in an environmentally responsible manner as Wirana has solid experience in the field of Green Ship Recycling. Members of Wirana have participated in the deliberations leading upto the Hong Kong Convention on the Safe and Responsible Recycling of Ships in 2009.

Repeat relationships

As a testament to the impeccable and pristine reputation that Wirana enjoys, it has very long standing relations with buyers, sellers, brokers worldwide, many of which are decades old.
Above all, Wirana has financial strength and is able to pay large amounts of deposits into Sellers account.