Green Recycling

Wirana – On Green Recycling

Wirana has been an ardent proponent of environmentally safe and responsible ship recycling. Working closely with several yards, Wirana has been continuously encouraging them and guiding them to improve recycling standards which meet most stringent requirements for green recycling of major ship owners. Many yards have gone for green certification.

Besides encouraging yards for green recycling, Wirana has been sponsoring and speaking at conferences that promote green recycling.

Wirana has provided major stock-listed owners with proper guidance and recycling solutions in accordance with Hong Kong Convention and European Union Ship Recycling Regulations for their tonnages.

From a commercial point of view, green recycling has been challenging for yards as it requires substantial investments. However, it has always been our policy to educate and encourage yards to recycle in a more responsible manner by separating hazardous material, identifying, storing and disposing hazardous material in a safe way leading to minimal environmental impact and ensuring worker’s safety.

Besides environment, Wirana has encouraged yards to invest in workers’ safety by using adequate safety gears and training workers on safety aspects.

Wirana understands and promotes procedure of separating primary recycling from secondary recycling and to concretize secondary cutting section to ensure that land underneath stays free from hazardous materials. These are in lines with latest environmental standards including Hong Kong Convention and European Union Ship Recycling Regulations.

At the same time, Wirana continues to work with Classification Society and Independent Experts, whose services are recommended to yards for improving their processing standards.

Wirana – How do we meet the expectations of Ship Owners:

With an in house green team comprising of experts, global exposure and experience, wirana is fully equipped to guide and assure ship owners that their vessel is recycled in compliance with green ship recycling regulations as per their requirement whether it is eusrr, hkc or any shipping company specific guidance such as rsrs from maersk and others. Wirana ensures that ship owner's vessels are sold only to responsible ship recycling yards who would deliver as per contract. In addition, when explicitly required, wirana undertakes ship recycling supervision for ship owners thus allowing ship owners to concentrate on their core business of shipping while getting assured that their corporate social responsibility is being fully met with. Wirana has its own green ship recycling yard (r.l.kalthia shipbreaking ltd, which was one of the first yard in indian sub-continent to receive soc from class nk for hkc compliant ship recycling) which gives wirana a practical hands on approach to green ship recycling. Wirana has worked with responsible ship owners like teekay, swire -china navigation, maersk etc who are extremely conscious on meeting very high standards of green ship recycling

Broad Steps to achieve Green Recycling of Marine Assets

  • Help Ship Owners Prepare Inventory Of Hazardous Materials (IHM) By Coordinating With Experts Upon Request (IMO Resolution MEPC 269(68)).
  • Ensure Receipt and checking of IHM with yard.
  • Work with Ship Recycling Yard for preparation of a Ship Recycling Plan taking into account IHM (IMO Resolution MEPC 196(62)) and ensuring that Ship recycling Facility Plan is adequate to recycle the type of ship (IMO Resolution MEPC 210(63)).
  • Monitor Safety & Preparations for receiving the ship for recycling.
  • Monitor & ensure methodical dismantling of ship as per HKC requirements as per Ship Recycling Plan including identification and safe disposal of hazardous materials. (IMO Resolution 210 (63))
  • Submission of Ship Recycling Progress Report on periodic basis, which gives details of procedures followed by the yard. Coordinating with Ship Owners on any specific queries with yard and ensure coordination with yards for visit by Owners or their representatives.
  • Detailed Report upon Completion of Ship Recycling.
  • India pays higher value for vessels due to the ability to pay better prices for usable second hand machinery, ship spares, non-ferrous items.

Our Alliance with GSR Services GmbH

WIRANA SHIPPING CORPORATION And GSR SERVICES GmbH (Headquartered In Germany) have formed an alliance to provide safe and environmentally sound ship recycling solutions to various stakeholders involved in the recycling of ships and marine assets. In order to meet the growing demand on environmental, social and corporate governance (esg) criteria, knowledge and experience of these two companies will be bundled to a comprehensive and convenient service. Accountability for industry action is not only being asked for by consumers but also increasingly by banks and investors. The synergy of wirana and gsr will offer a well-rounded complete service package to ship owners for recycling their ships in a responsible, safe and environmentally sound manner. Services are customized for achieving fully compliant recycling of maritime assets and cover financial and contractual aspects alike. This includes -but is not limited to- development of ihm, developing tailored compliance concepts, identification of best suitable ship recycling facility based on transparent due diligence inspections, planning of the ship recycling process including last voyage guidance, and finally supervision of ship recycling activities. The alliance also strives to work with various ship recycling facilities around the world to ensure that the rich experience of gsr services are shared to nurture safe and environmentally sound ship recycling practices to the highest standards.

Headquartered in Germany, GSR Services has a vast experience in all ship recycling related issues, from cradle to grave. Henning Gramann- CEO of GSR Services, has been personally involved in the development of HKC and Guidelines at IMO since 2005 when working for Germanischer Lloyd as Global Head of Practice -Ship Recycling and in R&D. GSR has a global network of more than 50 IHM-Experts, trained by Henning Gramann personally, are class-certified and closely monitored. Due to more than 40 successfully conducted HKC implementation projects for ship recyclers, GSR is very familiar with HKC- and EUSRR related requirements from cradle to grave of ships. For the compliance projects the overall knowledge on legal, organizational and operational aspects of ships and recycling facilities is one of many corner stones for ensuring environmentally sound and safe recycling. Supervision by true experts during recycling activities is essential in that regard. With this cooperation an efficient solution for responsible ship recycling is offered to owners by two of the most experienced expert companies, provided in the most convenient and transparent manner.